Soldier surprises wife by secretly arranging to see birth of their baby girl over Skype while he is thousands of miles away in Afghanistan
Gone are the days when pregnancy meant becoming a couch potato. Today, many doctors and health professionals are encouraging women to work out throughout their pregnancy. But what exercis
(CBS News) In addition to providing nutrients and antibodies to protect a young infant, breast milk has the correct amount of nutrients to help a baby grow, is easier to digest and helps protect
August is World Breastfeeding Month, and several local organizations are hoping a new take on breastfeeding will get more moms to try it with their babies. And,
Back when I was pregnant with my son, ultrasound pictures of the fetus were blurry and barely defined. Most people couldn’t tell what they were looking at! Still, we treasured them. But now,
New York City has put forth an initiative to end free formula milk samples and make it more difficult to access formula in hospital. Will the measures promote breastfeeding o
Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg grabbed headlines when he publicly advocated breastfeeding for babies rather than feeding by formula. His pro-breastfeeding position is in line wit
Breastfeeding: Raising Awareness and Support During National Breastfeeding Month Breastfeeding advocates and educators like myself have been counting down the days until the start of August.
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