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Sherman Oaks
Childbirth Educator,Holistic Health,Labor Doula,Massage Therapist,Photographer
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I was inspired to become a Birth Doula after the beautiful and transformational experiences I had with the births of my two children at home with a midwife. I know that I had always imagined myself having a home birth . However, I didn't realize it was a possibility until I did some investigation. Whilst spending time and learning from some "sangomas" ( South African medicine people) in the rural region called Transkei in South Africa I became so inspired by the matriarch of the clan who was a woman in her late 20s, also a shaman, with three small children. When I inquired where she had birthed her children I was told that they had all been born the very hut I was sitting in as she squatted against the wall made of cow dung, straw and mud, supported by other women in the community. Since then, whenever I thought about birth I would think of her and she inspired me. I believe in the instinctual and primal wisdom of the woman's body. I believe in the intelligence of life that knows exactly what it needs to do. I work in Biodanza Vital Development, ,® (literally, "the dance of life") It is a unique system of human integration that uses music, movement, and emotion to re-establish an intimate connection with life. The system works by opening people's hearts and sense of joy, self esteem and self confidence. It's simple, direct, immediate and fun. This sense of joy and self confidence carries over into people's daily lives. Over time, people find that life becomes more joyful. People start reaching for what feeds them in life and begin to change those things that are less positive. My work focuses on trusting that wisdom, about connecting to our deep sensuality and experiencing life from inhabiting ourselves completely. The birth of my daughter was a powerful and profound rite of passage for me. I always thought that I knew about love but with the birth of my daughter my heart opened up like never before. The birth was a beautiful experience. I feel that it was a shamanic experience for me in that it was so transformational. I learned about the strength I have within me and the power and wisdom of the female body. I feel like I entered into alignment with all the matriarchs of all the generations and just like my ancestors I had become a channel for life to enter through and part of the dance of life, ripe and blossomed. I allowed myself to surrender even deeper with the birth of my son. I wanted to draw on the primal energy to give me strength. I felt completely comfortable with my body and loved that I flowed with the sensations of the birth. I was able to be strong and vulnerable at the same time and it felt raw and real and beautiful. Both of my births were such incredibally positive and beautiful experiences that I decided I would like to support other women to have those positive experiences too. Pregnancy and Birth should be an opportunity for a woman to step into her own power. The wisdom lies in our bodies and we need to trust our bodies, to believe in birth and trust the intelligence of the life force. "
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Current Location:Sherman Oaks, US