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Childbirth Educator,Labor Doula,OSD Volunteer
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Hello! My name is Jacquelyn Duke, and I am a CAPPA trained childbirth educator and doula. I am incredibly passionate about birth and babies! Please read on to learn a little more about what I believe... I believe birth is a normal, natural process, not a medical event to be feared. I believe families have the right to informed consent when it comes to childbirth decisions. I also believe there is an appropriate time and place for medical interventions, and that they should be embraced when they are necessary. However, too often interventions are used for the wrong reasons. Families need to know that research supports natural childbirth as safer for most women than any intervention. I believe that women have the right to choose an intervention if that is what they decide is best for their family, but that they should have access to the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. I feel strongly that each woman and family deserves to have the birth that THEY choose - not the birth that friends, relatives, hospitals, medical professionals, or even childbirth educators or doulas would choose for them. I believe that too often women rely on the advice of others to birth their children - NOT because they are lacking the ability, but because they may be lacking the knowledge and resources to trust in their own bodies. I believe that as women, we are born with an intrinsic knowledge of how to birth our children. After all, women have been doing this for thousands of years!!! Finally, I believe all forms of childbirth benefit from preparation and support, but natural childbirth requires it!!! Own your birth experience! Join me on a journey to discovering what your body already knows - how to give birth to a happy, healthy baby!
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