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23+ years experience, CERTIFIED and I have less than a 3% cesarean rate in my practice.

Doula care for birth and postpartum
Parent coaching
Childbirth preparation classes
Belly casting
Infant sleep training/gentle guidance
Baby planner services
Baby shower assistance
Newborn care classes
Breastfeeding support

Current Training Director of MaternityWise, International Training and Certification Program for Labor & Postpartum Doulas, Lactation Support & Educators, and Childbirth Educators. Anne is also a trainer, and has had the pleasure of leading trainings in several different countries around the world.

- Tranquil Seasons Doula Agency, conducts all initial interviews, and enjoys serving families as a Certified Labor Doula and in their homes as a Certified Postpartum Doula. Anne also provides Lactation/Breastfeeding Support, Antenatal/Pregnancy as well as Childbirth and Parenting Education. She will also do in-person consultations for families just needing advice.

- Daughter of a multi-generational military family on both sides, and now mother of 6, with three hospital, three home births. Student of traditional midwifery. Certified Labor and Birth Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Doula Trainer, CPR certified and has taught childbirth preparation classes as well as Newborn Care classes through Community Ed across Minnesota and now through several venues in San Antonio.

- Anne has been serving families as a doula for over 23 years and has cared for over 350 babies and their families through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She is particularly good with mothers who need sleep, encouragement and a clean house, as well as difficult to soothe babies and sleep adjustments.

- Anne has experience serving families with kosher households, the joys of adoption, single parenting, cesarean complications, infant death, breastfeeding difficulties, re-lactation, postpartum mood disorders including anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress, special needs babies, multiples, preemies, attachment parenting, schedule adherence, GERD, colic, sleep disturbances, "sleep training", homebirth and more. Nothing could suprise her.

- Anne also understands the needs of and enjoys serving high-profile families. She has served as well as trained many doulas who care for families who appreciate a special level of discrete support.

-As a Labor Doula, Anne's cesarean section rate is currently under 3% and while she cannot guarantee your birth outcome, that statistic may provide you with some confidence.

"Professional and nurturing, you gave above and beyond excellent care (to my wife and daughter)." - Dr. Kelkar

"We sought out overnight baby nurses and you gave us so much more. Thank you!" - Hedberg Family
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