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I am a newer Doula working on my DONA certification. I am also a Certified Nursing Assistant.

To tell you a little about myself, I am a mom to three lil ones. I have personally been through all types of pregnancy difficulties and many interventions. I found out about Doula's & natural birth after having my own babies. I have since thought how wonderful it would be to help other mom's have their own wonderful, meaningful births. I quickly started training & love being a Doula

            As to my services I  offer 1-2 prenatal visits where we would create a birth plan. We would get comfortable with each other and go over fears, concerns and your wishes for the birth. I have  a lot of information on breast feeding, types of pain management ( natural & medical ), check lists & a booklet of ways for dad to help out. I also have phrases for mom to go through so that she can have them in sight in the weeks before her birth to empower her & relax her. Any time there are any concerns or any referrals may be needed, I'm available by phone 24/7. 

            I would also come to your home when labor begins , if that is your wish, and follow to the hospital when the time is right. I always stay at least one hour after birth to ensure every one is doing well and secure enough to be left on their own. I then do a follow up visit to your home the day you are discharged. I will help support breast feeding & check for any postpartum complications. If there are any concerns, I am happy to add a 2nd postpartum visit.

            I am also trained in Hypno-birthing & am able to do guided imagery & self relaxation exercises. I have seen this be helpful for dad as well as mom during birth :) 

" A Brighter Chance for a Healthier Birth! "

Renelle Assmus   BD/CNA

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