She may be expecting her second child, but that hasn’t put a damper on how Kourtney Kardashian styles her hair. After 10 years of keeping her luscious locks dark, the reality star (who has a daughter on the way in July) decided it was time for a new look. The result? Subtle highlights to brighten up her appearance.

While some might say it’s unsafe to dye your hair while pregnant, Kardashian defends her decision to add lighter streaks while rocking a bump.

“I did research about doing anything to the color of my hair while pregnant and followed all of the guidelines from my doctor and took the proper precautions necessary,” she wrote on her blog.

“I also used products that did not contain ammonia. It is also recommended to be in a well-ventilated area as well as being at least in your second trimester, and I followed both of those rules.”

Despite the reaction she received after debuting her new look, Kardashian isn’t alone in her choice to lighten her locks. Drew Barrymore has always been known for her ever-changing hair transformations, especially her love of dip-dye and ombré coloring. And, now that she is reportedly expecting her first child, the actress doesn’t seem to be changing her ways.

Also in the expectant mom hair dyeing club? Snooki, who has ditched her infamous poof, but was recently spotted sporting platinum blond streaks and extensions (plus sky high heels!) despite her pregnancy.

So is it safe? Colorist Mazza Ben Tov told PEOPLE that as long as you follow a few simple rules (consult your colorist and doctor and do your research), highlights can be a fun way to spruce up your hair while expecting.

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