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Operation Special Delivery(added: Mar 03, 2017)

Operation Special Delivery is committed to offering discounted labor support services and increasing access to quality labor doula care to all qualifying military service members and their families.  Through collaboration with trained and professional labor doulas from around the world and across a variety of certification organization, OSD is committed to providing the highest standard of professional doula care to our service men and women.


International Birth and Wellness Program(added: Jan 23, 2012)

The International Birth and Wellness Project is a health and social service entity designed to educate and support women and families towards a healthier pregnancy, birth, post-partum and parenting experience. We believe that birth is a universal Rite of Passage that joins all people and all generations. In our services to women and families we strive to highlight and blend the most positive, healthy beliefs and traditions of all cultures to create a diverse tapestry of knowledge and techniques that emphasize the importance of the mind, body and spirit connection. We are a collective of health professionals focused on providing holistic services during the childbearing years. Our organization consists of three inter-connected efforts referred to as our circles of influence:


Dona International(added: Jan 24, 2012)

DONA International certification is a widely respected measure of quality and professionalism. We are an international, non-profit organization of doulas that strives to have every doula trained / educated to provide the highest quality / standards for birth and/or postpartum support to birthing women and their families.


Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association(added: Jan 24, 2012)

For over a decade, CAPPA's mission has been to offer comprehensive, evidence-based education, certification, professional membership and training to childbirth educators, lactation educators, labor doulas, antepartum doulas and postpartum doulas worldwide. CAPPA is proud to provide new and expectant families access to these professionals.