Why Textbooks May Need to Update What They Say About Birth Canals

Why Textbooks May Need to Update What They Say About Birth Canals A new study shows that the structure of the human pelvis varies between populations, which could have implications for how babies are birthed. ImageA comparison of two human pelvises: The top is more oval in shape, representative of Europeans, North Africans and Native… View Article

This Woman’s Viral Photo Campaign on Miscarriage Proves That There’s “No Shame in Loss”

Jessica Zucker, PhD, a psychologist specializing in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health, has been committed to raising awareness surrounding miscarriage and stillbirth since she created the #IHadaMiscarriage campaign back in 2014. And because October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Jessica joined forces with poet and artist Skin on Sundays to spotlight 10 women who have battled infant loss. In an effort… View Article

Tokophobia: the women with an extreme fear of pregnancy and childbirth

Childbirth can clearly be a scary prospect. For women who have not given birth before, it is the great unknown. Research into women’s concerns and fears suggests that women may be anxious about the risk of injuries or complications, pain, their ability to give birth, losing control, and interactions with health professionals. Even women who have given birth before may have… View Article

Orgasmic Birth – Power, Pleasure and Love!

By Debra Pascali-Bonaro Imagine the day you will give birth, bringing a new life into the world. You have waited 9+ months – feeling new life moving within, anticipating labor, birth and what life will be like as a parent. What will your baby look like? What will labor be like? What will the first… View Article

How Substance Abuse Affects Breastfeeding

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that infants obtain all of their nutritional requirements solely from breast milk for the first six months of their lives. After that age, the WHO suggests to continue breastfeeding until the child is at least 2 years old while introducing other foods into his or her diet. Why is breast milk… View Article

Soldier surprises wife by arranging to see birth over Skype

Soldier surprises wife by secretly arranging to see birth of their baby girl over Skype while he is thousands of miles away in Afghanistan With her army specialist husband serving in Afghanistan, Nicole Robbins was ‘pretty scared’ at the prospect of giving birth to their baby girl without him by her side. But thanks to… View Article

The Difference Between PPD & Normal New Mom Stress

Postpartum depression may be common, but it’s not normal. It’s NOT normal for a woman to suffer in new motherhood.  It is not normal for her to feel anxious most of the time, it is not normal for her to feel overwhelmed most of the time, and it is not normal for her to feel trapped and angry… View Article

Air Pollution in Pregnancy

It’s easy to blame parents when young children gain too much weight, but the latest research suggests that certain obesity risk factors are out of Mom and Dad’s control. In a study published this week in the American Journal of Epidemiology, scientists at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University found that exposure… View Article

Baby Your Baby: New mom mood disorder screening

BY LESLIE TILLOTSON   (KUTV) After a woman gives birth, the focus often switches to the baby, but it’s important to still care for mom – both physically and emotionally. “Postpartum or perinatal mood disorders affect about one in seven women,” Melanie Arrington, Registered Nurse at Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital said. Becoming a new mom… View Article

Do You Have To Breastfeed In The Hospital? Here’s What You Need To Know

By Ojus Patel There’s been a recent trend in hospitals pushing towards more baby-friendly practices and less overall medical intervention. Hospitals are reverting to more natural methods of labor, delivery, and postpartum care as the knowledge and research surrounding maternity care and women’s health continues to change and advance. This leaves a lot of questions… View Article

Here’s a Better Way to Bathe Your Newborn

By Michelle Woo In movies, immediately after a mother gives birth, a nurse places a pristine newborn in her arms. In real life, however, babies usually look more Alien 3 than Pampers ad as they enter the world—their heads are misshapen, their faces resemble grumpy old men, and they’re covered in a white film. The… View Article

Some of World’s Tiniest ‘Preemies’ Are Growing Up Healthy

Against heavy odds, the world’s tiniest and the fourth-smallest surviving infants have had normal childhood development, a new study shows, although the girls’ heights and weights still lag behind other kids the same age. Little information is available to doctors and parents on how extremely low-birth-weight babies develop and grow as toddlers, school-age children, or into young… View Article

Local Effort To Get More Women Breastfeeding Targets Dads

August is World Breastfeeding Month, and several local organizations are hoping a new take on breastfeeding will get more moms to try it with their babies. And, the effort seeks to educate dads about breastfeeding to get them more involved in the process. Research shows that 39-percent of Florida’s children born in 2008 were breastfed… View Article